Logo design for GreenTalk

Graphic design for GreenTalk

Job Description: Logo design, website design & build, graphic design

The brief

GreenTalk features a series of short talks from some of the UK’s leading experts on climate change, energy and food security and the natural world. They needed a strong logo, website and flyer which would appeal to both businesses and the public.

The solution

The logo design features a collection of speech marks forming an icon of a tree. It signifies lots of individual ideas which, together, form something greater—something which can grow. The tree reinforces the environmental angle and symbolises the positive nature of the talks. The result is a creative and memorable solution.

A neat, professional website was designed and built in WordPress. The site was built so that new talks, speakers, videos and news stories could be added by the client in-house. It was designed with a clean, appealing layout and is accessible and user-friendly. A booklet was also provided in PDF form with detailed instructions on how to update the website.

Graphic design for GreenTalk

DATE May 2011  |  CATEGORY Graphic Design

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